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For Your Transport & Logistics Fleet

Vehicle And Driver Tracking

Simplify the fleet management and tracking process with a plug-and-play device delivered straight to you that doesn’t require a technician to install and can be activated using a QR code. Track fleet activities and get daily notifications about fleet performance to manage trips, lower fuel costs, monitor driver behaviour and more.

App-Based Tracking Solution

OnTrack app utilises cell phone technology to help you accurately track vehicles in real-time while also monitoring all driver behaviours that may be unsafe or inefficient. Send notifications to drivers on important events. No hardware installation is required, and thus no vehicle downtime! Just download and go.

Tracking Movable Assets

From trailers and forklifts, to skid steers and vehicles. Locate your most valued assets and equipment using either wired or wireless trackers. See when an asset is on the move, set geographic boundaries to avoid misuse and theft, and monitor operating hours and fuel usage.

Tracking With Video

Turn on the power of AI- and ADAS-powered dash cams within your fleet. Get intelligent insight into risky driving behaviours, like fatigue, distraction, speeding, seatbelt usage, and more to prevent accidents and reduce fleet risk. This in-cab and road-facing camera solution also includes a driver coach device with which you can communicate with drivers in real-time to help them improve their driving style.

Higher fuel efficiency

Live monitor the fuel consumption to anti refueling fraud and fuel theft. Detects and records low fuel economy behavior like harsh driving, route deviation or Idling for driver coaching. save money and reduce emissions.


Rich reports for KPI

Collecting all the Fleet Operation Data to center platform, output smart and rich reports, Like mileage, working hours ,fuel report , etc. Easy for vehicle / driver KPI and decision making.


AI Powered Safety Alerts

In Transport & Logistics, monitoring driver events for safety-related risks is paramount to operational longevity. Protecting your drivers is crucial in improving driver retention and protecting your brand’s reputation. Our dashboard cameras protect drivers by alerting them to fatigue, distraction and seatbelt use.

Smartwatch Telematics

Create a Safer, Compliance-Ready Transport & Logistics

Increased competition for routes and jobs means that fleet managers look to telematics’ providers for a sustainable way to defy market conditions. We partner with you to provide intelligent insights into routes and monitor jobs in real-time, providing you with the information to increase efficiency

Features & Benefits

Save more operation costs by driving behavior monitoring

Reduce out-of-route miles or unauthorized use, provide accurate last-mile navigation, right to the loading dock, coach drivers to be smart about fuel use, minimize unnecessary idling

Total solution for logistics fleet management

Fleet Dynamics can integrate with many of the fleet management solutions you use today to pull in relevant data and make it easier to take action, analyze, and report on— fuel cards, gps/telematics devices, maintenance shops and more.

Increase the efficiency by precessing eletronic reports

Smartwatch Fleet Manager comes with a mobile app called OnTrack to make communication between managers and drivers easier. A manager can send reports, messages and files to the driver directly from Smartwatch FM while the driver can do the same thing by using the OnTrack app.


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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