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Our solutions cater to enterprise fleets, small fleets and consumers

We are a leading  provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions. The company’s products and services provide enterprise fleets, small fleets and consumers with solutions for safety, efficiency, compliance and security. Choose us for streamlined solutions and exceptional customer service.

Our Solutions

Bus & Public Transport

Transport & Logistics

Oil & Gas


Food Delivery

Non Government Organisations

Smartwatch telematics

Actively and significantly reduce the risks your employees face in the field

Our fleet management technology helps service providers in any sector run their operations safely and efficiently through vehicle tracking, driver monitoring to ensure land transport safety is top of mind on any site.

Features & Benefits

Save more operation costs by driving behavior monitoring

Reduce out-of-route miles or unauthorized use, provide accurate last-mile navigation, right to the loading dock, coach drivers to be smart about fuel use, minimize unnecessary idling

Total solution for logistics fleet management

Fleet Dynamics can integrate with many of the fleet management solutions you use today to pull in relevant data and make it easier to take action, analyze, and report on— fuel cards, gps/telematics devices, maintenance shops and more.

Increase the efficiency by precessing eletronic reports

Smartwatch Fleet Manager comes with a mobile app called OnTrack to make communication between managers and drivers easier. A manager can send reports, messages and files to the driver directly from Smartwatch FM while the driver can do the same thing by using the OnTrack app.


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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