Smartwatch Solution for Bus &
Public Transport

Reliable telematics to improve driver safety and vehicle performance.

Smartwarch telematics

Public Transport Fleet Management Solutions

Optimise Fuel Use

Fuel cost savings insights, engine performance and real time anti-fuel fraud alerts

Robust Reporting

Getting the most from your bus and coach fleet is a major concern. Activity timelines are a great way to illustrate usage patterns and help boost fleet efficiency.

Bus Tracking

Advanced tracking gives you a real view of where each bus is located and which driver is behind the wheel. It also tracks safety behaviours such as speeding, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips, and more.


Mobile DVR provides the multi-channel video surveillance for buses.

Bus and Driver Behavior Monitoring Solutions

Real time cost savings, improved driver compliance and vehicle productivity!

Fleet Monitoring

Get a real-time view of each bus and the responsible driver that’s behind the wheel. Fleet leaders also have access to trip data with a full view of each event on a trip.

Smartwatch telematics

Fleet Solutions For The Public Transport Industry

Our Solution Connects The Vehicle Protects The Operator And Provides Actionable Insights For Fleet Managers.

Features & Benefits

Safer the Journey

Real time location tracking and speed control system safer your journey.

Enhance driver KPI management

Monitor driver behavior and train driver with KPI management.

Increase profit

High accuracy people counting with big data analysis to reduce money lost and increase profit.


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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