Satellite Tracking Solutions for NGO’s

Get trusted telematics solutions for the NGO industry. Propel your Staff’s safety and efficiency today.

Smartwatch telematics

Safety, Efficiency & Sustainability

Vehicle Telematics

Our on-board computer tracks the precise location of vehicles using GPS and GSM technology to reach even the most remote areas. Includes on-board accelerometer, geofencing capabilities, driving event notifications, long-life back-up batteries, driver ID and more.

Driver Tracking

OnTrack is an app that utilizes cellphone technology to help you accurately track vehicles in real-time while also monitoring all driver behaviors that may be unsafe or inefficient. Send notifications to operators on important events. No hardware installation required and thus no vehicle downtime! Just download and go.

GPS Tracking

Simplify the fleet management and tracking process with a plug and play device delivered straight to you that doesn’t require a technician to install and can be activated using a QR code. Monitor and manage the behavior and performance of vehicles and operators. Receive instant mobile and web notifications about driving events and hours to improve fleet.

Smartwatch telematics

A Complete  Tracking Solution for Remote Areas suitable for NGO’S

Your vehicles and operators are constantly on the move – going from one job to another. With Smartwatch Telematics, you can identify where these vehicles are at all times, determine wasteful or unsafe driving, better manage routes and raise red flags when vehicles encounter mechanical problems.

Features & Benefits

Safety Optimisation

Driver ID helps manage driving hours, audit driving infringements and potential damage to vehicles and, implement training depending on individual driver activity.

Sustainability & Efficiency

Accurately locate your operators and assets by combining a variety of sophisticated data points and make important decisions in real-time to maximize efficiency in your operations.

Actionable Insights

Get daily, weekly and monthly intelligence reports that highlight all fleet operations to help you see trends and anticipate any issues causing inefficiency, safety threats and more.


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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