Fleet Management & Communications Technology

Smartwatch Fleet Manager helps our clients to manage their assets remotely.


The Only Solution You Need For A Safe And Secure Fleet

Fleet Management is a key business function which allows individuals and companies that rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment: By improving fleet operational efficiency, productivity while reducing their overall transportation costs. All while ensuring 100% compliance with operational health, safety, environmental standards and government legislation.

Smartwatch On Board Computer

Vehicles are fitted with a small on-board computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Users can then access this information online, via the solution’s web-based software platform. Some features are also available via OnTrack, the solution’s free app for Android and iOS devices. Both web and mobile interfaces are easy to navigate and are compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems. So, data and reports are available 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer as well as from smartphones and/or tablet devices.

Smartwatch Fleet Management Web Platform And Mobile Application

Our feature-rich software platform has the capacity to report basic, real-time information on current and historical vehicle locations and driver behaviour. Other useful information is also displayed such as speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations and a trail of where the asset has been. Proactive monitoring enables real-time asset management. Take immediate corrective action and send messages to and from assets and/or drivers.

Overall Management

Users – typically business owners or fleet managers – can log on and access activity timelines, insightful reports, notifications, an information hub, and more to:

  • Track vehicles on a map in real time, or perform a replay
  • Define and manage locations, stops and zones
  • Get notifications (online and via email) for events relating to impacts, speeding and harsh braking, acceleration and cornering
  • Identify and manage drivers, licences, and certifications
  • Manage vehicles, odometer readings, licences, certifications, and services generate movement, event, trip and utilisation reports.

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Why Smartwatch Fleet Management Software

Monitor Assets: Easily monitor the costs and life cycle of investments

Reduce Costs: Analyse trends, risks and overspends, reduce the workload

Increase Utilization: Right size the fleet and ensure its running to its full potential

Reduce fuel usage: Measure and reduce fuel usage, improve driver efficiency

Automate Processes: Integrate data and setup automations and alerts for key events

Additional features: Well organised dashboard, activity reports and user trail audit


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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