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A Smart Fleet

Track Vehicles

Visibility of your vehicles’ movements in real-time is the starting point of improved fleet operations. The most important benefit of tracking is its ability to increase efficiency by providing insights into how much time drivers spend at locations, how long it takes them to get from point A to point B and gives you full visibility of the routes they take. Using this data, you can see where time can be saved and how to improve utilisation.

Reduce Fuel Usage

Fuel consumption is one of the largest operating costs for fleets. Telematics technology can provide you data on fuel usage including exactly which vehicles and drivers are using the most fuel, which activities and behaviours are contributing to this problem and your carbon emissions before and after you’ve implemented fuel reduction measures.

Optimise Routes

Proper and regular maintenance of vehicles can extend their lifespan and save you repair and replacement costs. Telematics offers electronic notifications of upcoming maintenance requirements and data on engine diagnostics, like oil pressure, battery voltage, accelerometer stats, and filters, which could help with maintaining proper upkeep.

Smartwatch telematics

Fleet Management Solutions For The Public Sector

With our telematics technology at your disposal, you can stay within strict budget requirements, track utilisation, meet green goals, manage vehicles, and much more.

Features & Benefits

To the Government

Increases revenue through building of tax base and reduction of fraud
Designed for complete compliance with industry standards, including World Customs Organization
Single window capability, facilitates communication with other revenue and border agencies, both nationally and internationally
Can link into regional integration initiatives
Provides better, more effective risk management through improved intelligence and risk profiling
Reduces operational costs through process automation, better intelligence, and more targeted audits

To the Tax Payer

Helps to streamline operations
Increases revenue collection and compliance with e-government mandates for security and confidentiality
Support enforcement of Trade facilitation activities effectively
Provide flexibility to build a solution to fit the tax and revenue agencies unique business needs and enforce compliance while increasing tax collection


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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