Fleet Management Solutions For Food Manufacturing and Processing

Eliminate spoiled and damaged goods while providing fast and safe delivery, every time.

Smartwatch telematics

How Your Fleet Benefits With Smartwatch Telematics?

Route Optimisation

This electronic journey planning solution does away with error-prone manual route management and has been found to be ideal for cargo-carrying fleets.

Vehicle & Driver Location

Tracking your drivers as they deliver time-sensitive goods is now super simple with the OnTrack app. Drivers simply download the app, verify their identify and then get moving!

Vehicle Telematics

Our onboard computer is ideal for any mixed fleet that requires essential vehicle tracking features. It offers driver route and driver behavior monitoring as well as reminders for upcoming vehicle services and license renewals.

smartwatch telematics

Experience Safe and Compliant Solutions For Your Fleet

Moving the world forward by connecting & protecting fleet operations with solutions that achieve safety, sustainability, compliance and efficiency

Features & Benefits

Reduced Fuel Usage

Increasingly, the application of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to interpret and synthesise driver behaviour

Safer Vehicle Handling

With a telematics solution, you can improve the safety of your drivers while still getting the job done.

Increased Consumer satisfaction

We offer fleet management solutions that help you deliver goods faster, more efficiently and in good condition. This is done through improved driver behavior, such as smoother cornering, so that cargo arrives at its destination intact, tracking drivers’ location in real-time so that the nearest person to a customer’s location is sent out to ensure speedy delivery and temperature control analytics to limit the risk of perishable goods getting spoiled in transit.


Fewer Accidents


Fuel Saving


Insurance Cost

Return on Investment

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