Electronic Cargo Tracking System

A comprehensive commercial vehicle operation service that enables seamless automation of Cargo Operations, Security Operations, Carrier Operations and Support Operations.

Increased Cargo Security

• Cargo is fully secured during transit
• Full accountability

Improved Service Quality

• Improve reliability
• Improve user and customer confidence

Increased Operational Efficiency & Productivity

• Reduce errors, wasted effort, and re-work
• Optimize assignment of equipment and people
• Reduce slack capacity and inventory

Use Cases

Our heavy duty electromagnetic lock integrates with comprehensive commercial vehicle operation services to enable seamless automation of Cargo Operations, Security Operations, Carrier Operations and Support Operations.

Container Transportation

ECTS Sea greatly improves Security and reduces the expense and transit times for international and domestic shipments.

Fuel tanker compartment monitoring

Truck tanker monitoring system provides precise fuel level and volume measurement in each compartment of cistern.

Logistics Vehicle Cargo Management

Keep cargo safe and reduce theft by staying alert, knowing common trends, and keeping cargo locked up securely.

High Valuable goods tracking

Closely monitor your high value transports and securely share tracking data with your clients through ECTS. Increase customer satisfaction and optimise your transport operations.

Law enforcement goods monitoring

Track where items are located from your PC, including equipment rooms, weapons lockers, vehicles, repair shops or permanently assigned to officers.

Light Sensor

Light sensor that detects when the container has been falsely accessed and all of these events are reported to the cloud in real time 

Actively and significantly safeguard Cargo in Transit

The e-Lock is an intelligent tracking and positioning lock for securing logistics and freight assets. It consists of a Primary e-Lock and ancillary secondary e-Locks. The secondary e-Locks are controlled via the Primary e-Lock via blue tooth communication, i.e. if the Primary e-Lock is unlocked, the primary e-Lock will unlock too. The primary e-Lock can accommodate up to seven (7) secondary e-Locks.

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