Smartwatch Solutions oil and gas fleet management solutions provide total visibility for your people, vehicles and equipment, no matter how remote the job site or rugged the terrain. Our satellite system allows you to see all your assets in relation to key site locations, such as wells, pipelines and other landmarks, also its provides our customers with option to customize maps for traffic or include a satellite view to see the big picture and all the important details within it hence enabling Oil and Gas companies to run smooth operations and ensure the safety of their workforce. Drivers, for example, are equipped with tools to enhance their driving style, which in turn reduces the number of accidents.

Through our strategy partnerships with customers in the Oil and Gas Industry Smartwatch Solutions has become expert in developing products and services that enable operators to comply with QHSE regulations specific to their industry and region.

Fuel Monitoring

Protect you drivers with instant data

Help improve driving safety by setting vehicle parameters and coaching drivers.

Encourage your workers to operate their equipment safely with intelligent driver tools from Verizon Connect. Set and send near real-time, in-cab alerts to notify drivers when they speed, neglect to wear a seatbelt, brake too harshly or accelerate too fast. Monitor their hours, including mandated HOS logs, to keep them safe and within legal limits. Use smart scheduling tools to balance driving shifts and help prevent accidents due to fatigue.

Reliable and cost-effective solutions include;

Compliance monitoring like Hours of Service

Consultancy, including risk assessment and road safety strategy development.

Driver identification and driver scoring.

Real-time driver behavior monitoring.

Trip and vehicle utilization reports.

Targeted driver training and coaching including defensive driver training.