We are committed to the provision of high quality services

We strive to develop worldwide partnerships that have a lasting impression in Mobile Resource and Information Technology in the emerging economies.

  • Who we Are

    Who we Are

    Smartwatch Solutions Ltd was incorporated as a direct response to the emerging trends in the dynamic  Mobile Resource solutions in the Africa Region buoyed by the emerging oil and gas finds in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Mozambique, focusing on safety, security and productivity.

    Though a relatively young operating entity, the company is itself an amalgamation of individuals with industry competences that cut across the various segments of Information Technology platforms.

    Specifically, the company members and partners bring with them an impressive repertoire of hands-on experience derived from many years of operations in the various segments of the industry in which they have been engaged.

    As a result the company has in a short period of time positioned itself as an emerging player of repute with core competences in Mobile Resource , Electronic Container Cargo Tracking Seals among others.

    In that period the Company has been able to bring on board major oil and gas operators in the Eastern Africa region, surpassing all industry benchmarks over the past few years.

    Due to changing dynamics in business to business ERP applications, Smartwatch Solutions has partnered with a global leader in manufacturing and sale of physical machines and tax collection related system covering over 25 countries spread around the world for the last 22 years, specifically offering VAT monitoring solutions.

    Objectives of Smartwatch Solutions Ltd

    To increase profitability in the Safety  & transport sector through optimisation of fleet management and control, by improving operational efficiency.
    To increase safety on the roads, homes, offices and reduce environmental risk through superior maintenance and operations standards

    Our Strategy

    strategy Smartwatch business concept draws on our deep knowledge of Mobile Resource business processes and Information Technology.
    The knowledge is the basis for providing cost effective and customized Mobile Resource management solutions that are designed to meet and improve business processes. Smartwatch Solutions ltd is committed to continuous improvement Customer Support building a strong foundation for long term business relationship

    Our Mission

    compassnew2Is to provide Mobile Resource and Information Technology  sector  with  a total business management solution.


  • Core Business

    Core Business

    SMARTWATCH SOLUTIONS LTD  is Consultant  in the Mobile Resource and Mobile Information Exchange Solutions. Care has been taken to inject a lot of professionalism into these fields so as to maintain its integrity. Smartwatch Solutions Ltd opens a new world of strategic Mobile Resource and Mobile Information Exchange .

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Our policy is to provide world-class customer support, helping our clients to continually meet their service goals of reliability and quality.  Whether faced with a routine inquiry or an emergency, we make it our duty to provide prompt, relevant expertise by phone or email, via remote log-in or in person. With service that runs through out a day, we provide further assurance that you will get the best out of  Smartwatch Solutions ltd.

    Smartwatch Solutions’ clear, efficient processes for service inquiries and case management ensure rapid diagnosis and resolution of any problems.

  • Our Trade

    Our Trade

    Our trade is guided by the belief that information is a vital tool that drives strategic thinking which spurs off strategic decisions that results in maximum cost savings and growth. Ours is to offer the link between strategic planning, design and implementation of policies with a touch of technical knowledge and a holistic approach with our clients and partners. The target is to provide links between researches, expert led decisions and practical policy implications through advisory and practical approach.

     At Smartwatch Solutions Ltd, we foster long term relationships with our partners and stake holders through our core competencies in consultative services and individual professional expertise of our staff developed over time, design programs to mitigate our clients’ costs, develop value -added solutions customized to fit client-specific needs, promote personal attention and efficiency, create an environment that promotes team work, job satisfaction, personal growth and value for all our stakeholders.

    New Developments

    Smartwatch  Solutions is developing a new innovation in mobile banking /payment platform which we intend to roll-out in due course.