The Smart Key

The SMART-KEY is a state-of-the-art vehicle anti-theft system that provides 100% protection for your vehicle against unauthorized usage and vehicle theft.

How it works


Once a SMART-KEY is fitted in your vehicle, you set your own secret 4 digit passcode which will be required before igniting (starting) vehicle.

If the wrong sequence of code is entered three times, the device will time out for up to 3 minutes and if physically tampered with, the device will seamlessly immobilize the vehicle

If you suspect that your user code has become public information, you can easily enter your master code and reset a new 4 digit user code to ensure safety of your vehicle.

Benefits of a Smart Key

simple and easy to use

Affordable, with a one off payment

Free Installation (in and around Kampala)

 maintains the privacy of the vehicle user

compatible with any type of vehicle, mode

It is tamper proof

It has its own backup battery system

installation doesn’t interfere with your car