Imagine having constant real-time information of your whole fleet at a glance and being able to effectively monitor the KPI’s of your drivers and vehicles.

Smartwatch Solutions has a fleet management software known as Fleet Dynamics –Smart Fleet. At the core of Smartwatch products and services are solutions for African fleet management challenges. The aim is to make transportation cheaper, simpler and more effective. Smartwatch Fleet management   solution allow the user to record and transmit detailed information from vehicle and driver to the control room, to ensure operational efficiency, the product is designed to boost security the units come with free immobilizer that can be used as an anti-start mechanism. In addition, the driver ID’s provide the user with information on drivers’ performance for the use of incentivizing or identifying training requirements. This product is also compatible with our fuel solution that has been benchmarked as an effective solution in Africa. This solution assists in preventing fuel theft and identifies poor driving behavior that increases fuel consumption.