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Number One Fleet Management solution In Africa

Smartwatch Solutions launches Uganda’s first ever configurable web-based Workshop Management Software application designed to simplify the management of an organization’s fleet, driver and maintenance information and processes. The complete life-cycle of vehicles and assets can be managed using Fleet-dynamics – from acquisition to disposal. Fleet-dynamics can incorporate all your fixed costs and variable operating expenses, from utilization, maintenance, compliance, accidents through to re-marketing.

Solutions to ease your operations

Improve your generator performance, and cut operational costs with a generator monitoring system. Our generator monitoring solutions will ensure that standby and backup generators are always at the ready. Prevent faults that can be costly to repair or result in higher fuel consumption.
Optimize your generator, check runtime and be reminded of maintenance schedules. Extend the life of your engine.
Smartwatch Solutions has sensors for monitoring power, battery voltage and current, runtime hours and fuel level. In addition, we can interface to control panels with Modbus RS485 or SNMP for more detailed data