The Sat-340 offers global satellite tracking, communication, and management solutions for safe and efficient fleet operation. The Sat-340 is a robust, compact device that uses a global satellite network to track your movable assets independently of ground to air networks such as gsm, radio, etc. The Sat-340 allows you to locate and communicate with your assets no matter where they are in the world.

The Sat-340 houses a global satellite transceiver, Global Positioning System (GPS) and discrete input/output feeds that can report on time, distance, geofencing (identifying specific areas) and any other selected criteria to meet your specific reporting requirements.

Irrespective of where your assets are at any given time, the Sat-340 keeps you in touch through the GlobalTracks network service. With no dependencies on cellular, radio or any other ground to air networks, the Sat-340 works anywhere in the world. This makes it the ideal terminal for use in mobile marine, air or remote land applications.

The Sat-340 is a robust, environmentally sealed package, designed for use in extreme conditions ranging from arctic colds to desert heat. Weighing in at a mere 600g and the size of a portable CD player, the device is compact, light and discreet.

• Uses Global Satellite services to communicate anywhere and at any time. The Sat-340 is used in a variety of applications, inter alia:
• Allows the user to create 128 circular, configurable geo-fences for control and management of assets pre-installation or via WebTrack. Marine
• Charter application
• Fishing application
• Various specialised, built-in sensor reports that detail exceptions such as:
– Over speeding
– Odometer reading
– Trip Start / Stop
– Geo-Fence offences
• International transport application
• High value application
• In-transit visibility system
• Additional peripherals available, including:
– Mobile kit
– Message terminal
– Panic button
– Remote panic button
– Immobilizer
• HSE (mining & oil) applications
• Semi-military & security applications
• 15 months warranty, with a further 36 month extended warranty available

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