Smartwatch Solutions is committed to providing Technical support, Training and consultancy with state of the art  IVMS solutions to Oil and gas companies across Africa.This allows them to realize benefits on Return On Investment  and reduction of vehicles crash rate . Smartwatch products have been customized to suite the Environmental health and Safety policies as applicable in this sector.

Currently Smartwatch Solutions  offers technical support and supply of IVMS  Solutions to  oil and gas companies in different countries including  Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Chad, Eritrea, Mozambique, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Gabon, South Africa  and other emerging  hydro carbon frontiers .

In-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS), or driver behaviour monitoring systems, refer to electronic devices that record data about a driver’s behaviour and vehicle use, such as date, time, speed, acceleration, deceleration, hash breaking and safety belt use.

Effective implementation of IVMS reduces fatal motor vehicle crashes common in the industry . Smartwatch Solutions in partnership with various international  technology partners  to cub challenges encountered in the industry as regards HSE requirements, will deliver with these accrued benefits:

Safety benefits of IVMS

  • A reduction on motor vehicle crash rate.
  • Reduction in speeding.
  • Reduction in kilometers driven and maintenance costs as well as improved public Perception.
  • Costs savings with reductions on fuel consummations.
  • Reduction of carbon emissions hence environmentally friendly

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