Message Terminal


The Message Terminal enables the WebTrack user to communicate directly with the driver as well as providing greater driver monitoring capabilities, including warnings when speeding.

The integrated emergency button provides ease of mind for any hazardous situation the driver might find himself in wherever he is.

With its rugged enclosure, the Message Terminal is specifically designed for use under the toughest conditions, while maintaining reliability.

2 Way communication

The Message Terminal provides 2-way text message capabilities between the driver and the WebTrack users. Drivers can use predefined, free text or a combination of predefined and free text messages to communicate with the WebTrack users, while they can respond directly by typing the message in WebTrack.

The predefined messages provide standardized communication protocols throughout the organization which can be integrated into reports or other information systems.

Driver monitoring

While constantly monitoring the asset’s behavior, the Message Terminal will communicate second to second updated information to the driver such as real time GPS information including location, speed, direction and altitude. Further, the WebTrack user can set a speeding limit whereby the driver is audibly and visibly warned when exceeding the limit. If the driver continues to exceed the speed limit, the WebTrack user is automatically notified, via an alert, email or even SMS.


The integrated emergency button will send an immediate emergency message to the WebTrack user, or to their email or cell phone, with the latest position information providing instant communication in such critical situations.

Languages & Internationalization

The Message Terminal supports several different languages which can be set by the WebTrack user. Current language set includes English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch while other languages are added on a regular basis.

All times are displayed in the driver’s time zone, which can be set by the owner: making the Message Terminal a versatile unit that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

• 2-way data messaging
> Predefined messaging
> Free text messaging
> Combined free & predefined text messaging
• Shows real-time GPS information such as location, speed, heading and altitude
• Both audible and visible notification when speeding
• Supports multiple languages and time zones
• Integrated emergency button
• Additional 8 inputs/outputs and serial ports, further enhancing I/O capabilities

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