FM Communicator

The FM Communicator lets you manage your drivers and vehicles in real-time, regardless of where they are.

The FM Communicator offers extensive driver and vehicle management functionality using a combination of CANbus, analogue and digital inputs as well as an on-board GPS and GPRS modem to provide an extensive set of data to fleet and safety managers in real-time.

The FM Communicator is flexible and reprogrammable over the air and uses an extensive events model to notify managers of exceptions in driver behaviour and/or vehicle performance. communicator-tracer-web

Trip Data Recording

The following data is recorded: date and time, distance traveled, journey duration, vehicle speed, engine speed (RPM), journey departure and arrival time, driver name, driver ID and vehicle ID.

Driving Violations

The following standard violations are recorded: over speeding, over revving, green band driving, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and excessive idling.

Driver Identification

Using the driver code-plug it is possible to know which drivers committed driving violations such as speeding, over-revving, excessive idling, etc. as every trip or part there-of will have a driver associated with it. This information can be used to perform tailored driver training programmes to improve driver and passenger safety.

Access Control

Through defining access control lists and installing and configuring the FM Communicator’s starter interrupt feature, it is possible to restrict access to vehicles. Ie. the driver keys are programmed with a unique identifier that is used by the on-board computer to determine if a driver has permission to start a vehicle or not. This ensures that drivers only operate and drive vehicles and equipment that they have permission to use, thus ensuring driver safety and maximum control over assets.

User defined events

Define customised events such as driver door opening, no-go zone entered, hazard lights activated, overtime driving and refrigerator temperature exceeded.

Second-by-Second (Tacho) Data

The status of inputs such as speed and RPM is recorded every second. This provides valuable in-depth information for accident analysis.

Servicing and Licencing

Set reminders for your vehicle’s next service or vehicle/driver licence expiry.

GPS Data Recording

Essential information is recorded with every GPS tracking point, e.g. vehicle and driver ID, date and time, latitude and longitude, altitude, heading, velocity, number of satellites, etc.

Active and Passive Tracking

Track your vehicle movements in real-time using automated vehicle location (AVL) updates from the vehicle or by requesting the latest position using the MiX software. Replay routes taken on street level or satellite maps.

Manage Locations

Add, delete or edit user-defined locations such as customer, supplier, no-go zone, etc. The entry and exit from locations are recorded along with the date and time of the occurrence and the duration spent at each location for precision fleet tracking.

Active Events

Be notified via email and/or text/SMS message, when selected standard or user-defined events occur, e.g. a cargo door opening in a no-go zone, or driver arrived at customer location.

Downloading to / uploading from vehicle

The on-board modem allows for GSM data calls to the vehicle which facilitate uploading of new unit configurations or downloading of bulk data where GPRS is not cost effective. GPRS can also be used to automate downloads from the vehicle at the end of each trip or to track vehicle movements.

CANbus integration

Using the on-board CAN chip and a manufacturer approved FMS gateway, we can record and react on a range of data off the vehicle’s CANbus including fuel, PTO, engine temperature, oil pressure, coolant level, etc. Accessories

Benefits of the FM Communicator:

  • Measure time and attendance
  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce fleet costs
  • Increase vehicle utilisation and staff productivity
  • Better management control
  • More motivated staff
  • Controlled vehicle access
  • Know where your vehicles have been and where they are right now
  • Automate call sheets for mobile staff
  • Check entry into unauthorised areas

The figures speak for themselves, customers using the FM Communicator telematics solution:

  • Double staff productivity
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Stop visits to unauthorised locations
  • Reduce mileage
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Reduce fleet operating costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint

The FM Communicator telematics device includes:

  • GSM/GPRS Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • Main harness with integrated buzzer (2x frequency input, 3x digital/analogue input)
  • Code-plug harness including vehicle interface
  • Blue driver’s plug
  • On-board CANbus module
  • On-board memory
  • FM on-board computer user manual
  • Optional harnesses: I/O harness (2x frequency input, 4x digital/ analogue input), serial harness, voice harness
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