Leasing Solutions

Some of our largest customers are full-maintenance-lease (FML) providers, and as a result we have had an opportunity to develop an FML solution that is designed to meet the specific requirements of these operations. Our solution uses the applicable features and functions described in the Commercial Solutions component, but in addition to this we offer the following specialized FML services:

  • Mileage management: We offer leasing solutions to customers with defined mileage bands per vehicle. If these levels are exceeded over a period, the FML company will need to recover more from the customer, and conversely if they are consistently not being reached there may be a provision made for reimbursements. Our solution provides exception based reporting on mileage tolerances as well as prompts to FML operators where lease agreements need to be restructured.
  • Maintenance management: A key requirement is to properly plan and coordinate vehicle maintenance with the FML customer to protect vehicle warranties and the maintenance funds that are typically established. The system records mileage at installation, as well as service intervals, then tracks usage and prompts users on approaching service limits to ensure adequate advance notice for customers. Using geo-fences we can automatically confirm when a vehicle has been brought in for a service and when it is back in operation.
  • Vehicle availability monitoring: FML companies typically have a fleet availability clause with the customers, to either meet a minimum on-the-road availability target or offer replacement vehicles for vehicles off the road. FML systems can report on real-time and historical availability statistics
  • Driver Identification and control: Our solution also enables driver identification through a driver tag. This not only allows easy identification of the person driving but also prevents unauthorised drivers from using the vehicle. Eg drivers from the wrong user group, or with the incorrect license code for the vehicle.
  • Abuse claim management: The solution provides detailed information on driving style and exception-based reporting on abusive driving. In incidents where a vehicle has been damaged, the users can determine from the system if the client is liable for such damages due to abusive driving.
  • Fines and recovery: Any fines that are allocated to a vehicle can be traced back to the driver on the day to ensure accurate allocation of the fine, eliminating related costs and ensuring improved driver discipline in this regard.
  • Fleet utilization reporting: The solution provides detailed fleet utilisation reporting for the end-customers benefit. As an FML this utilisation reporting provides a very useful value added service offering. We can measure not only vehicle utilisation, but also utilisation of on-vehicle equipment such as cranes (cherry pickers for repairing street lights, pumps (fire trucks), tail gates, compactors (waste management) .
  • Out of hours usage: Our solution also defines allocated hours of use and reports on usage time out of hours and total hours usage vs contract. This allows the FML operator to determine¬† if the vehicle is being used outside of agreed parameters and allows the customer/end user the opportunity to measure overtime and lost productivity.
  • Out of area usage: Areas of use are also defined using geo-fences, and the system will automatically report on usage out of area.