Increase Profitability

Increase profitability and save money

The Smartwatch Fleet Management System allows Fleet Managers to easily locate each vehicle 24/7. This allows you to dispatch the closest driver to a jobsite for faster response times to your customers’ service needs. The Personal Navigation Device in your drivers’ vehicles includes OBC traffic data to help reduce drive time and save money on fuel.

Grow revenue & improve driver behavior

Imagine if you could eliminate one service appointment per vehicle each year—how much would that save you in total? With Smartwatch Fleet Management, you can track your drivers’ habits and improve their skills to minimize unwanted actions like idling, harsh braking, harsh turning and speeding. Not only will you potentially save on servicing your fleet, but you will save in fuel costs and help develop better driver behavior.

Improve profitability, Productivity, Service levels and Compliance through robust reporting

Smartwatch Fleet Management gives you quick access to reliable data about your vehicles 24-hours a day so you can trust you’re making the right decisions. The system includes more than 100 pre-defined reports such as trip reports, fuel consumption reports, mileage reports, maintenance reports and working time reports. You can also customize your reports and view your business goals at a glance through the dashboard.

Navigate traffic better and get quicker arrival times

For your  new drivers without local geo map knowledge  can use  the gps and gsm-based in-vehicle  system Personal Navigation Device, driver can access  real-time information service available , use daily and hourly trends to provide drivers with the fastest routes and the most accurate and reliable arrival times at all times of day. The online fleet management portal is carefully engineered with key features to optimize your fleet. It integrates for real time management, any time and any place.