Web Track

WebTrack allows you to manage your assets with detailed precision, ensuring effective and efficient management of your assets no matter where they are in the world.

Tracking your assets is now as simple as clicking your mouse and viewing them online. WebTrack offers online maps that display the exact location of your assets at any time through up-to-date roadmaps and real-time satellite imagery. It has the ability to zoom in to street level thus enhancing the level of detail and precision.

Historical data concerning all assets is available on screen, or alternatively can be presented in clear and concise reports for thorough analysis.

Not only does Webtrack address key safety and security concerns, but supports and enhances operational management tasks, and thus the smooth running of your business. Asset movement history and other asset-related data is available on screen at any time and WebTrack also ensures clear and concise reporting to support operational analysis and informed decision making.

The integrated communication facility ensures that you are kept up to date with notifications and alerts such as panic or speeding alerts. In addition you can manage your own communication terminals via SMS or e-mail and can set or edit your e-mail and dashboard notifications on events raised by the units.

In order to use WebTrack all you require is a web browser and an internet connection, and a password protected log-in ensures that all access to the system is secure. Security settings within the system allow for varying authorisation levels for multiple users, and all in the language of your choice. There are no software installation requirements and all updates are automatic, ensuring peace of mind that you are always working on the latest software version while knowing that your data is securely stored and backed up.

WebTrack collates a wealth of data into user-friendly and easy to understand reports and graphs, which can be configured individually or into groups of assets according to specific needs.

Reports can be scheduled to run at predefined times and sent to an unlimited list of e-mail addresses. Reports can also be requested online in real-time and downloaded at your own convenience.

Detailed reports can be sorted and displayed according to various selected criteria or as a graph highlighting areas of importance.

Data can be exported in XML, CSV, TSV and PDF format, which can be used to feed existing fleet management systems, or for further analysis in Microsoft Excel for example.

A detailed report is displayed and can be sorted by any of the various columns in order to reflect critical information. Additionally, the requested information is presented in a graph format, highlighting areas of importance.

Maintenance module
WebTrack highlights when an asset is due for service by means of automated and color-coded preventive maintenance alerts which can be programmed, automatically displayed and emailed to the responsible person. Equipment overdue for service will be marked in red while equipment due for service is marked in orange. This provides an excellent visual of the state of your fleet’s maintenance plan at any given time.

• The location or history is displayed on both streetmaps as well as satellite images.

• Easily identifiable icons, such as trip start, panic button pressed or door open, makes status of the asset is immediately identifiable on the map.

• Detailed asset information such speed and direction of the asset, distance driven, latest message received, and many more is accessible with a simple click on the actual asset.

• Setting geofences is as easy as drawing them on the map, naming them and transferring them automatically to the asset.

• Being automatically notified of any events such as breaking the speed limit or the use of a panic button via email or sms.

• Communicate directly with the driver with the use of MessageTerminal

• The asset overview page shows the entire asset list, divided into groups and subgroups enabling easy management of your whole fleet.

• The dashboard function provides easy map functionality such as zooming in, out, panning and switching between street and satellite view.

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