FM Web

FM-Web is a simple, easy-to-use information and tracking portal for fleet managers, helping them to monitor and manage their vehicles and drivers more efficiently.


FM-Web provides fleet managers around the world with immediate and secure access to information about their vehicles and drivers. An extensive security model and sophisticated back-end service platform ensures the right information is delivered to the right people; online via a web browser or to your inbox in the form of scheduled reports or exception e-mails. Users can also access their fleet data via MiX Fleet Mobile – a smartphone application that puts the control in the palm of your hand.

Depending on the Smartwatch Solutions’ hardware installed into your vehicle fleet, you will be able to access the extensive MiX Insight reporting suite, track vehicles in real-time, replay routes, manage critical events, schedule service reminders, communicate with your drivers and determine the current activity status of your vehicles.

Integration with third party applications such as ERP systems and route planning software is possible using our web services software development kit.


All recorded information can be exported for individual drivers or vehicles, user defined groups of drivers or vehicles or per site. The following lists some of the reports available in FM-Web. Predefined reports can also be emailed to one or more users on a regular basis.

Active and Passive Tracking

Track your fleet in real-time or replay historic trips on a map. FM-Web supports both satellite and street level maps that the user can toggle between. Users can zoom in or out, pan around the map, display locations, measure distance and display more detailed trip, position and associated event information.

Location Management

FM-Web allows users to create, edit and view custom locations of any shape (circle, rectangle, polygon or polyline). The Search by Address feature allows users to add locations based on an address or postal code.

Servicing and Licensing

Set reminders to inform the fleet manager and drivers of services that are due and licenses and roadworthy certificates that are up for renewal. Reminders can be configured to trigger when the set distance, duration or engine hours has been reached.

Job and Text Messaging

Jobs and Text messageSend job, free-text or predefined messages between the office and drivers to save on communication costs. Users can also be updated on the status of job messages.


All recorded information can be reported online via the extensive MiX Insight reporting suite. Reports can also exported for individual drivers or vehicles, user defined groups of drivers or vehicles or per site. Reports can also be scheduled to be sent via email to users on a regular basis. Click on the Reports tab above to see more information on the reports offered in FM-Web.


7 Day DashboardThe dashboard consists of one or more user-defined critical metrics that are graphical representations of fleet information for a selected range of vehicles or drivers over a specified time period. They display trends or snapshots of data in terms of improvements or deteriorations and can be emailed to one or more users. Common pre-defined metrics are also available. These are aimed at first time users to facilitate the understanding and use of dashboards.

Secure, professional managed data centres

All our internet based applications are hosted in highly secure, professional data centres thus protecting your data and giving you peace of mind

Leveraging data from a Smartwatch Solutions on-board computer, FM-Web provides fleet and/or safety managers with a range of benefits:

  • Know where your vehicles and drivers are
  • Know where your vehicles and drivers were
  • Understand vehicle utilisation
  • Understand fuel consumption
  • Measure driver performance
  • Be notified of exceptions

which in turn will help fleet and/or safety managers to:

  • improve driver and road safety
  • reduce fleet operating costs
  • improve vehicle utilisation and efficiency
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • improve customer service
Activity Timeline Report

Activity TimlineActivity Timeline Reports display trip and event information for a driver or vehicle as a graphical timeline. The Timeline can be zoomed in to display various time periods down to 1 hour. The fleet manager is provided with accurate trip profiles which indicate arrival and departure times that can be used to prove service provided.

Trip Report

Trip Report

Trip reports show Vehicle / Driver name, Vehicle description, Trip start /depart / arrive / end, Drive Time, Idling time, Maximum speed, Average speed, Distance, Driver and Odometer reading. Reduce overtime costs by checking drivers’ timesheets against the Fleet Management System and reviewing when and where trips started and ended. Any irregularities or trends can be spotted immediately.

Utilisation Graph

UtilisationThe Utilisation Graph lists selected Vehicles in the form of a bar graph which indicates the Driving Time, Idle Time and Standing Time as a percentage over a specified time period. This report enables you to distribute work fairly and optimize workload.      

Summary Report

Summary reportSummary Reports show Vehicle / Driver name, Distance travelled and Driving time in list or graphical format. Save employee time as drivers no longer need to spend time on mileage reports, data entry or when claiming back on company mileage.   

Event Report

Event reportEvent reports show Vehicle / Driver name, Start date, Event description, Event type, Start / End time, Duration, Number of occurrences, Event value and start ODO. Improve driver safety by identifying where drivers can improve and tailor driver training programs accordingly.      

Driving Error Reports

Driver Rating

Driving errors reports show Vehicle / Driver name, Date, Start time, End time, Event type and event details such as the number of occurrences. Improve driver safety by identifying where drivers can improve and tailor driver training programs accordingly.

Scoring Report  

Scoring reportScoring reports show Vehicle / Driver name, Site name, Duration, Distance and the drivers Overall score. The scores are calculated according to predefined business rules and metrics. Each score reflects how well the driver scored as a percentage with 100% being a perfect score.      

Movement Overview

Movement Reports

Movement Reports show you the number of visits for vehicles or drivers to predefined locations and time spent at these locations. Location reports can be used for proof of delivery or service; total time spent at customer locations or for verifying late arrivals. 

Fuel Report

Fuel Report

Three fuel reports are available. The measured fuel reports reflect the fuel consumption of vehicles as measured by the onboard system. The entered fuel reports reflect the fuel consumption of vehicles at refill intervals. The comparative fuel report reflects the fuel consumption of vehicles for the selected time window.  

RAG Driver Scoring Report

Rag Report

The RAG Driver Scoring Reports give an immediate visual representation of the performance of the drivers by grouping the drivers into groups of Red, Amber and Green based on the driver score. The thresholds for the Red, Amber and Green bands are user defined.