FM Voice Kit

The FM Voice Kit is a hands-free kit capable of voice communications, designed to interface with the Fleet Manager range of on-board computers (OBC).


Designed for use in noisy truck cabs, the FM Voice Kit is equipped with a high-power amplifier and speaker assembly with integrated volume control ensuring optimum sound reproduction. A high-performance omni-directional microphone provides the other party with crisp, clear audio.

The FM Keypad allows the driver to answer incoming calls as well as make calls to any of the 4 preset numbers.

The FM Voice Kit itself is powered directly by the Fleet Manager OBC unit to which it is connected. Power and signals for both transmit and receive paths are provided through a single FM Voice Kit Harness between the FM Voice Kit and the FM OBC.

Phone functionality

Up to 4 preset numbers can be dialed by selecting the corresponding number from the FM Keypad. In addition to initiating calls, the FM Keypad is used for the answering and or rejecting of incoming calls.

Low Dropout Voltage

The FM Voice Kit is able to work reliably down to 8V, preventing dropped calls should the engine of the vehicle to which it is fitted be started while the driver is on a call.

Low Idle Current Consumption

The FM Voice Kit draws a small amount of current when not in use, so as not to deplete the vehicles battery unnecessarily.

Omni-directional Microphone

The high-performance, omni-directional microphone included in the kit provides crisp, clear sound even in noisy environments.

High-power BTL Amplifier

A high-power amplifier in Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) configuration is used to drive the speaker for maximum power output even at low battery voltages and ensures optimum sound reproduction, suitable for use in noisy environments.

The primary benefit of the FM VoiceKit is the reduction of communication costs. With the FM VoiceKit, you can leverage the sim card and modem inside the FM on board computer, which means you don’t need to equip you drivers with a mobile phone and enter into a an additional GSM voice contract. The business controls which numbers the driver can dial.

Operating Temperature

The FM Voice Kit will comply with the rated operating temperatures of the FM OBC to which it is connected. At time of writing, all FM-series OBC’s with GSM modems are rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -20۫۫ C to +55۫۫ C. Supply Voltage

The FM Voice Kit will comply with the rated voltage of the positive drive line of the FM OBC to which it is connected. The rated voltage range for the Positive Drive line at time of writing is:

Minimum Supply Voltage = 8V DC Maximum Supply Voltage = 32V DC

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