BOT-340 Rapid Deployment Kit


The Smartwatch Rapid Deployment Kit enables you to install a full satellite tracking system with battery backup in mere seconds

The Smartwatch Rapid Deployment Kit comprises:

• BOT-340 satellite tracking unit in rugged IP67 enclosure with external magnet mount antenna
• Battery backup (up to 2 days) and charging for continuous use in interupted power situations
• 2 wireless keychain panic buttons with up to 700 meters/yards operating range
• Powerful cable harness with cigarette lighter plug
• Strong crush and waterproof carry casing

Smartwatch rapid deployment kit is a rechargable battery powered asset tracking device that is specially designed for hassle-free asset management. No installation is required; simply plug the unit in the cigarette lighter connection of your vehicle to charge the battery the unit has an internal transceiver unit for features like a wireless panic button. The Rapid Deployment Kit has an external satellite and GPS receiver with magnet mount for easy installation. Its small and compact size ensures inconspicuous mounting, drawing little attention from operators, and making it ideal for asset tracking and security applications. The unit is activated by an external magnet, ensuring no wastage of battery life and airtime usage during transportation or storage.

The Rapid Deployment Kit is used in a variety of applications, inter alia:


• Container transport
• Tanker transport
• Railcars
• Trailers
• In-transit visibility system
• Backup tracking


• High value cargo
• Optional Tapestry integration
• Semi-military & security applications

• Accurate GPS position reports:
– Position (latitude & longitude and closest city or landmark)
– Speed
– Direction
• Uses global satellite services to communicate anywhere and at anytime
• Rechargeable battery
• Robust IP67 water- and dustproof enclosure
• External antenna with magnet mount for easy deployment
• Up to 64 Programmable wireless panic buttons with 700 meters/yards operating range

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