The GlobalTrack BAT-340 is a battery powered asset tracking device that is specially designed for hassle-free asset management.

The bat solution provides tracking capabilities to bath fixed and mobile assets without the need for an external power source.

Now assets such as trailers, tankers, containers and railcars can be easily tracked and monitored with the bat solution, and its fitted endurance battery ensures no fuss maintenance-free operations for up to three years.

The BAT-340 is an integrated satellite and GPS receiver solution encased in a robust and durable sealed container. Its small and compact size ensures inconspicuous mounting, drawing little attention from operators, and making it ideal for asset tracking and security applications.

The replaceable Lithium battery provides maintenance-free operation and will last up to three years under normal operating conditions. The unit is activated by an external magnet, ensuring no wastage of battery life during transportation or storage.

• Accurate GPS position reports
Position (latitude & longitude and closest landmark)
The Bat-340 is used in a variety of applications, including inter alia:
• Uses global satellite services to communicate anywhere and at anytime Transport
• Container transport
• Tanker transport
• Railcars
• Trailers
• In-transit visibility system
• Maintenance-free battery
• High value cargo
• Semi-military & security applications


• Battery can easily be replaced Security
• HSE (mining & oil) applications
• Semi-military & security applications
• Robust water- and dustproof enclosure

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