• Areas of Practice

    Areas of Practice

    Information Systems and Operations Management

    Feasibility studies, requirement analysis and definition, System/ vendor/ project audits, market surveys, systems hardware evaluation and selection, system validation and regulatory compliance, project management, software quality management, and technical expertise in platforms/ operating systems, host systems applications, emerging technologies, standards, and user training.

    Logistics and Fleet Management

    Sourcing and delivery bench-marking, Software and Hardware installations, Software configuration, Mapping to trace the vehicle locations and status, time duration to destinations, vehicle routine tracking, vehicle routing and directions, Start-stop, location, speed, mileage record, vehicle and fleet summary reports, and backup services , training of fleet managers and drivers, vehicle sourcing, vehicle and fleet costing, Fleet legislation and administration.

    Smartwatch Quality and Safety

    Quality & Compliance that pays off! Quality and Safety of Operations

    Main objectives of the fleet manager:

    – High quality of operations in the security and transport department and compliance with regulations
    – This will reduce downtime, thefts and accidents and environmental hazards.

    Improving the quality & safety of your Operations

    By controlling and optimizing the continuous improvement process.

    Security Installations and Consultations

    Smartwatch solutions has technical experts who have been in the security industry for over 7 years and their core responsibilities are to carry out a security audit and recommend to the client the best solution for their premises. Our expertise is in CCTV, Access control, Alarms for residences and offices and Car alarms and finally security consultancy.
    Analogue & IP cameras

    Motion sensors

    Burglar (or intrusion), alarms are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. They consist of an array of sensors, a control panel and alerting system, and interconnections. Sensors detect intruders by many methods such as monitoring door and window contacts, by passive infrared motion detectors, ultrasound, vibration, electric or magnetic fields, or microwaves. Sensors may be directly wired to a control panel that provides sensor power, or may communicate wirelessly.

    Some alarm systems serve as single purpose of burglar or fire protection. Combination systems provide both fire and intrusion protection. Intrusion alarm systems may also be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance systems to automatically record the activities of intruders, and may interface to access control systems for electrically locked doors. Systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer monitor outputs.

    Burglar alarms (or perimeter security systems, perimeter detection systems, Perimeter protection, intrusion detection systems and other terms for the same thing) are used in residential, industrial, and commercial properties for protection against theft or property damage. Mobile alarm systems protect vehicles and their contents (“car alarms”). Prisons and military facilities use intrusion detection systems for security and control of access

    Access control biometric reader and time and attendance.

    Smartwatch Solution Integration offers major benefits to management and the whole company: –

    Integrated reports across departments for optimal analysis and bench-marking.
    – Enforce best practice across the organization and the fleet.
    – More effective actions and quicker response time.
    – Simpler processes across departments resulting in a more efficient organization.

    Project Management & Implementation

     Smartwatch Solutions project implementation team marries a wealth of industry-leading experience with a professional commitment to delivering your project efficiently and on schedule.